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CBD Dosage Calculator: How to Find the Perfect CBD Dose

Do you want an easy way to find out how much CBD you should take? You need to try our CBD dosage calculator.

There’s plenty of buzz surrounding cannabis these days, mainly because of its potential place in the world of medicine. Studies continue to be done on the plant and its cannabinoids, and the findings are incredibly promising. 

Cannabis consumption as been associated with the alleviation of a number of ailments, including pain, inflammation, and anxiety

One cannabinoid in particular – cannabidiol (CBD) – has garnered plenty of attention, mainly because of its potential ability to target many ailments without inducing any psychoactive effects that marijuana is known to have. 

A cannabinoid that can deal with various health issues without getting patients “high” is a rather attractive concept, and the research done on CBD thus far continues to solidify its role in wellness. 

That said, having a CBD dosing calculator that tells you which type of CBD product to take and the exact dose is also important.

Before including this cannabinoid in your regimen, it’s important to understand what CBD is, the reason why you might consider taking it, and how much of it you should consume. 

Similar to how you would properly dose other supplements to achieve the desired effects, so should you determine the appropriate dosage based on your body and your particular ailment.

In this article, we’ll go over how to appropriately dose CBD to ensure maximum effect.

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Factors to Consider When Dosing CBD

The amount of CBD that you take might not be exactly the same as another person interested in consuming the cannabinoid. That’s why a CBD dosing calculator is essential. There are certain factors that affect your CBD dosage, including the following.

CBD product. There are several different types of CBD available these days, including vapes, edibles, capsules, tinctures, and topicals. 

The type of CBD product that you choose to take will influence your CBD dose, as each mode of consumption will differ in terms of how quickly the CBD will take effect and its bioavailability (how much of the CBD is absorbed in your bloodstream). 

Generally speaking, vaping and sublingual tinctures have a higher bioavailability, allowing more of the CBD to enter the bloodstream and therefore taking effect much faster than other modes of consumption that require the CBD to be digested first. 

Be mindful of the CBD product type you’re taking when dosing, as well as the concentration of the CBD in each capsule, gummy, or drop. 

Your body weight. Generally speaking, a heavier individual with more body mass should be able to handle more CBD than someone with a lighter weight, which is typically the case with any other type of supplements or medication.

Presence of THC. If the CBD product you are taking is derived from the marijuana plant or is considered a “broad spectrum” or “full spectrum” CBD product, then the presence of THC will need to be considered.

If you are not looking to experience any mind-altering effects, you may want to do a little more homework into the product you are consuming and verify the presence – or lack thereof – of THC.

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5 Modes of CBD Consumption

As mentioned earlier, there are various CBD products available, each providing consumers with a different method of consumption. 

Each product may warrant a different dosage, so it’s worthwhile to do some homeowner on the type of CBD product you’re intending to take, which include any of the following.

1. Tinctures CBD tinctures include oils that are infused with CBD and applied under the tongue using a dropper. 

The CBD is absorbed through the mucous in the mouth and absorbed quickly into the bloodstream without having to pass through the digestive tract first. As such, this allows for faster delivery and effect

2. Topicals Creams, salves, and ointments fall under the umbrella of topicals and are a unique way to take CBD. These products work best in cases of localized pain, such as arthritic pain in the knees or sore muscles

3. Capsules CBD capsules are one of the easiest ways to dose the cannabinoid, as they are precisely dosed and provide consumers with detailed information about how much CBD is in each capsule. 

However, because the CBD must first be broken down in the digestive tract, it takes longer to take effect and may not be as bioavailable as tinctures or vapes. 

4. Edibles – Cookies, gummies, chocolates, and mints are just some of the examples of CBD edible products available. They’re an easy way to consume CBD, but like capsules, CBDs effect may take longer due to first-pass digestion. 

5. Vapes – Inhaling CBD oil that has been vaporized allows CBD to bypass digestion and allow CBD to take effect more quickly compared to oral consumption of the cannabinoid. 

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How to Dose CBD

There really isn’t a whole lot of information out there that provides rigid instructions about the exact amount of CBD to take. As such, a little bit of trial and error may be required in order to find the right dose for you. 

That said, it’s important to start slowly and gradually work your way up to a dosage that you find is working well. This is especially helpful if you’re new to CBD and have no prior experience with it. 

For instance, it might be wise to start off with a CBD dose of anywhere between 20mg to 40mg per day, then increase the amount by about 5mg every week.

Carry out this pattern until you have achieved the desired effects you’re after and keep track of exactly how much CBD you’re taking.

Certain CBD products will specifically detail the amount of CBD that is in a single serving.

For instance, the label on a bottle of CBD capsules could specify that there are 5mg of CBD per capsule, while CBD drops might indicate how much of the cannabinoid is in each drop. 

These specifications make it a little easier to know exactly how much CBD you are consuming, while it can be a little more difficult with vaping, for instance.

There are several ailments that CBD can help to alleviate, but regardless of which one you’re trying to treat, dosing appropriately and accurately is important. 

Dosages that are too low might mean CBD won’t work as well as you’d like it to. But dosing too high might be an issue, especially if the amount is far higher than what has previously been studied to be a safe level void of side effects. 

Right now, CBD is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which means there really isn’t any official recommended dosage for CBD. 

That said, research that has been conducted thus far on CBD suggests that anywhere from 20mg to 1,500mg of CBD per day is considered safe for human consumption. 

That’s why you’d be well-advised to start at a low dose and gradually increase it week after week until the desired effects have been reached with no side effects. 

To make things easier, here’s our CBD dosing calculator that will take a few factors into account to help you determine the right CBD dose for you.

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On the Road to Relief

There is no universal CBD dosage that works best for everyone. Depending on a number of factors, the dosage may vary quite a bit from person to person and from product to product. 

That said, it’s a widely accepted notion that starting small and gradually increasing doses of CBD is your best bet. 

Further, like any other type of supplement or medication, it’s always wise to discuss what you plan to include in your dietary regimen with your doctor, and that includes CBD. 

Of course, not all physicians will be well-versed on CBD, but some may be able to offer useful information on recommended dosages specifically for you and your condition. 

Chat with your doctor before consuming CBD, particularly if you’re on any type of pharmaceutical medications.

And remember to try our CBD concentration calculator.

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