What is quality?

Pursuit of excellence

At Purility, we define quality as constantly pursuing excellence. We set our standards extremely high, work to ensure they stay that way, and challenge our manufacturers, employees, and business partners to constantly improve.




A Healthier You…

Your quality of life is largely dictated by one factor: your physical health. We strive to make sure you’re getting the best quality products to ensure a healthier you.

Nothing is more important to us than your trust and confidence. 

Because of our total commitment to consumer satisfaction, we only offer high-quality CBD oil free from harmful toxins or additives. We ensure the whole hemp plant is used to ensure a full spectrum of cannaboids and high concentrations of CBD.

What to look for when buying CBD products

Not all CBD brands are created equal, and just as in any industry, there are many which concentrate more on maximum profitability rather than providing the best product or service possible. 

We encourage all consumers to do their own due diligence when selecting not only CBD brands, but also CBD products. It is VITAL to ensure products are free from THC, toxins and harmful chemicals contained in the soil where plants are grown.

CBD from Hemp vs Marijuana

CBD oil can be made from either hemp or marijuana—both originate from varieties of the cannabis plant. The difference between them is the level of THC found in the end product. Due to their close relationship, CBD is often confused with THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that causes a user to feel “high”.

CBD products from our store are manufactured from industrial hemp and must contain less than 0.3% THC by law. Products containing greater than 0.3% are considered a marijuana product and must be purchased from a state with a medical marijuana dispensary.

THC Levels in CBD

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the substance responsible for the psychoactive effects, or the “high”, as people refer to it. Hemp naturally contains a low level of THC compared to marijuana; however, it must be processed correctly to ensure THC levels are less than 0.3% as mandated by law. We test ALL our products to ensure they are within acceptable ranges.

CBD testing

How CBD is manufactured

Regulation in the CBD manufacturing unfortunately is limited as the CBD industry is fairly new. CBD oil is extracted from hemp through various methods. Some companies (especially those offering CBD oil at extremely low prices) may use cheap extractions methods, which require toxic solvents that are dangerous such as butane, hexane, and propane. Others use organic, pharmaceutical-grade ethanol (grain alcohol) to remove unwanted toxins and residues. This is considered the safest and yields the highest concentration of CBD.

However, there is an even better method that requires expensive equipment and a more complex refinement process, known as supercritical CO2 extraction. This process ensures the highest purity and quality, providing consumers with less toxins and residues.

Where Hemp is grown

The hemp plant has a critical trait in that it easily absorbs anything present in the ground where it was grown. For example, if hemp is grown in soil that contains heavy metals such as lead and mercury, the plant will absorb these and produce an end product that is unsafe for humans to consume. This is especially important as many CBD products are made from industrialized hemp grown overseas in countries that may not have strict environmental regulations that govern how and where the plant is grown.

We only use CBD oil from plants that are grown in the United States, which has strict environmental laws and regulations. The CBD oil we sell is sourced from plants that are grown on healthy rich soil that product high-quality plants, and subsequently, very high-quality CBD. We want to ensure consumers are not exposed to the toxins or chemical solvents used to purify CBD. Your trust and confidence in us is critical: we work hard to offer high-quality safe products.

An additional attribute of a superior CBD product is one that is manufactured using the whole hemp plant (full spectrum) as opposed to only one part (isolate). This ensures that the CBD oil contains the full array of elements found in the plant, which include flavonoids, terpenes, and other cannabinoids (remember there are over 80). It is believed these elements work synergistically with CBD to provide health benefits that may be exponentially greater than CBD only. Although the full spectrum (whole plant) products are more costly to produce than isolate products, we believe they provide consumers with a product of superior quality.

Lab Testing and Product Transparency

All reputable high-quality brands provide third-party lab results with their products (many of which are displayed on their websites) You should be very cautious if a brand does not have its products independently tested, or is reluctant to provide evidence of test results. These labs test to ensure the CBD is of a high quality, contains low THC, and is free from the toxic impurities that can be harmful to human health. All our lab results are posted online, and we practice complete transparency with all our products.


A certificate of analysis (COA) is a lab report that provides information on the contents (chemical makeup) of a product. For CBD products, this specifies the cannabinoid contents and other tested compounds, such as heavy metals and toxins. 

The Certificate of Analysis is used to verify that the contents contained in the product are validated with the advertised ingredients. The COA reports are critical for verification that the product contains no THC, toxins, or harmful contaminants. 

All our products are sent to third-party laboratories for analysis to ensure they meet all Federal and State requirements.