Why Most CBD Wholesalers Won’t Do Small Orders (And Why We Do)

A CBD wholesaler sells CBD products in bulk quantities to independent retailers. The wholesale CBD business model is sustainable because it is much more cost-effective for retailers to buy products in bulk compared to buying the items individually. But what if you are a retailer or an individual in need of smaller orders, or custom orders? 

If you were to ask most CBD wholesalers, you’d be out of luck. Since the wholesaler businesses model is based on the simple profit margin that comes from selling in bulk, most CBD wholesalers can’t accommodate small or special orders. But one wholesaler—Purility—believes that customer service should be prioritized over what is simply cost-effective. Below is an explanation for why most wholesalers don’t complete small orders, and why Purility does. 

Custom Orders Are Inefficient

Many wholesalers simply can’t provide custom or small orders because the process of preparing smaller batches of a product is significantly less efficient. Wholesale businesses operate under the premise that cost and time savings come from bundling up big batches of products. Other non-wholesale companies that specialize in smaller or custom-order CBD products often need to invest more resources and employees to help accommodate the sheer number of individual differences that apply to each order. The packaging, shipping, and individualization all add significant time and expense for a company. Most wholesalers simply are not willing to invest in the resources it takes to do this (employees, logistics, supplies, etc.) because it slows all operations down. It’s much easier simply to fulfill large order requests and assign a smaller number of employees to spend more time completing them. 

Custom Orders Aren’t Cost-Effective

In addition to taking more time, custom orders and small orders are much more costly for wholesale companies. The premise of the wholesale industry is that selling in bulk allows both wholesalers and retailers to make a profit (wholesalers can afford to reduce prices when they sell many products at once, and retailers can afford to buy many products at once if they can sell them for more individually). Given this premise, many CBD wholesalers simply are not able to accommodate smaller orders because it doesn’t make sense from a business perspective.    

So Why Does Purility Do Custom Orders? 

At Purility, we believe that a CBD wholesalers service should prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. This means that we still fulfill small and custom wholesale orders even though it’s not necessarily always the most cost-effective approach. We believe in putting customer service first! This extends to other aspects of the business too; because of our complete commitment to consumer satisfaction, we only offer quality CBD products that do not have any harmful toxins or additives. We also ensure the entire hemp plant is used, which ensures a full spectrum of cannabinoids and high concentrations of CBD. 

We also understand that many retailers are not able to place large wholesale orders. Many of these stores need to carry a selection of products to cater to ensure customers have a wide selection of product types, strengths, delivery methods (oils, capsules, creams, sprays, etc). Due to CBD being a relatively new industry, a large majority of retailers are unsure how popular a particular CBD product may be and do not want to get stuck with excessive inventory. We believe our low order minimums, huge selection, and quality assurance help ease these concerns with many retailers. 

Fulfilling small-order and custom-order requests is part of our commitment to continually pursuing excellence. We set our standards extremely high and work hard to ensure that they stay that way!

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